Monday, August 13, 2012

These are winnings for my face book page "LIKE" contest.  "LIKE" my facebook page, and you could be the proud winner of one of these prizes.  50 likes and we go live!  

1st place is 7 nail art polishes in various colors.
2nd place is 6 polishes. 2 sinful colors and 4 NYC
3rd is 6 eyeshadows (2  packs of 3)
4th is 5 mini sally girl polishes.

Winners will be chosen at random by rafflecoptor within 24 hours of reaching 50 likes. In order to be eligible, your name must stay "liked" for the following 48 hours after the drawing. Thank you and good luck.

P.S. Sorry for the pictures being sideways, couldn't figure out how to put them right side up!! LOL


  1. I want to join your blog, but for some reason the Google Friends Connect box isn't showing up...making...any idea why? It's a possibility that I've already joined, could you tell me?? Is there any other way to join your blog???

    1. I just took a look at my page and the google friend connect is on the right hand side of the page above the pictures of the followers. If you don't see it there, my bf says to restart your computer (he is a computer tech) and if that doesn't work, follow by email. Other than that, I have no idea. I hope that works. Keep me posted. Thanks April!!