Friday, August 17, 2012

Hello PEEPS!! Hope your day is going half as good as mine! I went from 36 "LIKES" on face book to over 100 in a matter of 2 hours thanks to a few great fans who spread the word...a great contest doesn't help. All this started with the lovely "naked without polish" sharing my post! Couldn't have done it without her! So, THANK YOU!! You are a peach<3 I owe you one.

My next giveaway is at 100 likes, which we have reached, but im gonna give it an extra hour so that a few extra people can get in here. I have no camera (eek, im sorry, i have to invest in a cord for it) So my daughter usually takes the pictures with her phone and she's not here...she's going on vaca with meme to ny. So a description will have to do!!

1st place is 5 China glaze crackle polishes in spring/summer colors.
2nd place is 6 glitter polishes in bright colors by L.A. Colors
3rd Place  is 6 Loose shimmering eye shadows in light colors.
4th Place is 6 eye shadows in 3 neutral and 3 bright shades.

The Prizes for the followers for HERE, the BLOG giveaway....

1st place: 8 nail art polishes in various colors
2nd place: 4 ELF nail polishes in neutral colors
3rd place: 3 lip glosses/

Thank you and have a GREAT weekend!! XOXOXO Cassie

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