Friday, September 21, 2012


Get them while they are HOT!!!

First one is $15 Shipped and includes 2 indies,, a Julep, a China Glaze, Mani/Pedi set and Julep pedi cream...all brand new:)

Second includeds the same thing, but different colors.....Same price, $15 shipped. All Brand New.

Third includes Mani/pedi set, funky change purse, 2 wet & Wld polishes and nail art polish, a china glaze, and an Indie mini. The price on this set is $12 shipped. In the picture there is a Julep pedi cream, but it is missing due to my cat taking off with it, droppong it on the floor and it getting stepped on, and exploding! Thanks Liam!

Last, but not least is the fourth grab bag...$15 shipped. Includes Mani/pedi set. Funky change purse, 2 LA colors polishes, 3 wet & wild polishes, 1 nail art polish, 1 china glaze polish and an Indie mini.

Keep in Mind, All Items are brand New...Leftovers from giveaways that Ive had. Just looking to clean house, not make big bucks. If you are interested, please email me at and tell me which one you would like. oh, just noticed, the dates on the pictures are wrong, I have to change the date on my camera, lol..I just took those pics the day before yesterday!

Happy Shopping!!

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