Friday, September 7, 2012

Not Too Plosihed Swatches & Review PART 1

WARNING: Picture Heavy & Love at first site!!

First is the Zombie collection...from left to right: Blood, Flesh, Bone, Liquify and Dessicate.

Blood is a Dark Red, like the stale blood of a zombie....hence the name. One coat is not enough, but as soon as you hit it with a second coat, it goes on SOOO smooth, and completely covers. No lumps, or chunks, just a smooth flawless surface.

Second is Putrefy..a thick shade of yellow, which follows the stories of Zombies, and looks like something, pardon my language, would spew from his/her mouth! Again, like blood, one cover does not do the justice that 2 coats does! Flawless coverage, unique color, and gorgeous shine are what await you with Putetrify.

Third is Dessicate. A gorgeous purple......Not sure where this one fits in to the Zombie craze, but it sure is one of my two faves of this collection. Unlike the first two, for some reason, one coat covers more thoroughly, two is perfection. It comes out on the nail slightly darker than in the bottle. Def one of my faves! Smooth application, no clumping, strings or running!

Fourth is Flesh...a pea soup green, which does fit with Zombies, as their flesh rots and turns all sorts of nasty colors, lol. One coat is still a bit see through, but two, as with most of the collection, does the trick. I'd have to say that Flesh ahs the best shine of them all! Application is easy, smooth, flawless...

Fifth is Liquify!! This is sooo by far my favorite! It is a gorgeous deep ocean blue, and covers in one OR two coats, but two coats is much more preferable. You can see for yourself above.

Bone is last but not least....this one is just as it claims...the color of bone. It too is smooth and light, full coverage in two coats. Bone doesn't show well on here, but on the nail, it blends in with the tone of paler skin. It is so beautiful! You can get full coverage in one coat, easily! It is an opaque color with a very shiny overtone.  It one word...DIVINE!!

In conclusion, ZOMBIE collection from NOT TOO POLISHED is a must have for those who prefer to stay away from the glitter bombs. It has variety, color and passion..... 

To contact Liz at Not Too Polished: Elizabeth Lafevre

Last, but most importantly, the place to purchase these lovelies!

*All opinions are my own. Polishes were provided in return for my honest review*

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